Wieliczka Salt Mine

krakow salt mine lake

Formed at aproximatly 13.5 million years ago, Wieliczka Salt Mine is located in Poland and is within Kraków metropolitan area. Already visited by very known cultural figures, this mine receives about 1.2 million people per year and is one of the oldest operating salt mines in Europe. Wieliczka Salt Mine has 327 meters of depth and 300km long, but tourists can only contemplate less than 1% of the length, with a 3.5km route that includes a lot of statues and an entire chapel, carved out of rock salt by the miners. UNESCO placed the Wieliczka Salt Mine in the World Heritage Sites list in 1978.

Salt Mine Visiting hours

April 1 to October 31, 7:30 to 19:30 *
November 2 to March 31, 8:00 to 17:00 *

Ticket Prices

Student Ticket: 51 PLN *
Normal Ticket: 65 PLN *
Family Ticket: 181 PLN *

Wieliczka Salt Mine Pictures

salt mine water line wieliczka mine lake old salt mine workers krakow salt mine

salt mine krakow salt mine chapel art with salt salt mine sculptures

* Prices and dates from 2010

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