Travel Backpacks

Your Backpack carries all your gear it is important which backpack you buy and take for your trip.

If you are making a long trip your backpack should take at least 70l. However if you are trying to travel light and your trip is going to be short 40 to 50l backpacks should be enough.
Make your backpack is confortable and adjusted to your body and height. If your backpack has belts you should use them.

You don’t have to carry your backpack all the time, you can either take your backpack to where you are staying or leave it at the train station lockers.
Check our checklists and avoid taking unnecessary items for your trip.

Recommended Backpacks

interrail women rucksack backpack

Berghaus C7 1S Women 60+10

Made for women, this rucsac can be easily adjusted to your body to give you more comfort and less fatigue

order Order Berghaus C7 1S Women 60+10

interrail berghaus rucksack

Berghaus C7 1S Men 65+10

Designed for men, with a great price and quality this is one of the best rucksacks for male interrailers. It also has a raincover and lot’s of room.

order Order Berghaus C7 1S Men 65+10

interrail 70l rucksack

Karrimor Cougar 60-70

With a rain cover and excelent room for all your clothes and items this bag is a great choice for first time interrailers.

order Order Karrimor Cougar 60-70

north face terra backpack

North Face Terra 65

Made by North Face this is one of the best rucksacks great durability, versatility and room and more importantly great comfort.

order Order North Face Terra 85

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