Interrail Travel Gadgets

When you travel around the world there are some gadgets that help you and make your travel a little easier. Here is a selection of gadgets that interrailers usually take and use in their interrail.

canon s110 digital camera
Digital Camera
This is the most important gadget that you need to take in your InterRail trip, remember to take it everywhere and save it in a safe place.
Your photos will be your memories of your travel. If you don’t care about the price and want a small and powerful camera the Canon PowerShot S110 is the best choice for you however if you want a digital camera with great zoom and built in GPS (that will record the location of your photos) then go for the Panasonic Lumix LX7.

Both Cameras are great to take in your interrail trip, they are extremely small and have great quality and autonomy.

mp3 player ipod nano
MP3 Player
While you are interrailing and travelling you spend a lot of time in trains, an mp3 is a great way to make time go faster in your interrail. With up to 24h of music playback and a small size the Ipod Nano 8Gb is one of the best mp3 players you can take on a interrail.
galaxy s3
Mobile Phone with Wifi
One of the things i noticed that was pretty handy to take in my last interrails was a mobile phone with wifi, if you take a phone or other device with wifi you can make your hostel or camping reservations 2 or 3 days before. You can use our Train Search and Hostel Booking tools in your phone during the interrail and look for what trains you need to take to get to your desired destination.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good option for this, it has wifi, gps (that can make your life easier when you don’t find the hostels location) and a good autonomy.

travel plug adaptor
Travel Plug Adaptor
If you travel a lot to different countries chances are that you will need a travel plug adaptor. It’s an all in one solution that will eliminate the need to take several adaptors to your interrails.
swiss army knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
This is one of the more important gadgets for an interrail, with a good Victorinox Swiss Army Knife you will able to cut stuff and open tuna cans or other type of cans.