Interrail Routes

After purchasing your InterRail Pass the next step is to plan wich interral route you will make.
Here are some of the interrail routes that are more used by Interrailers.

Interrail Route 1 – The best museums

Suggested route: Portugal (Lisbon) :: Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) :: France (Paris) :: Netherlands (Amsterdam) :: Germany (Berlin) :: Hungary (Budapest) :: Italy (Florence, Rome).

Interrail Route 2 – Nightlife Cities

Italy (Rome) :: Germany (Berlin, Munich) :: Czech Republic (Prague) :: Netherlands (Amsterdam) :: France (Paris) :: Spain (Barcelona) :: Portugal (Lisbon).

Interrail Route 3 – Best Beaches

Suggested Route: Portugal (Algarve) :: Spain (San Sebastian) :: France (Côte d’Azur) :: Croatia (Zlatni Rat Kolocep) :: Greece (Corfu)

Interrail Route 4 – Northern Europe

Suggested Route: France (Paris) :: Germany (Hamburgh) :: Denmark (Copenhague):: Sweden (Malmo, Stockholm) :: Norway (Oslo, Bergen) :: Finland (Rovaniemi, Helsinki) :: Russia (Saint Petersburg) :: Poland (Warsaw)

Interrail Route 5 – Central Europe

Suggested Route: France (Paris) :: Belgium (Brussels, Bruges) :: Netherlands (Amsterdam) :: Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Munich) :: Poland (Krakow) :: Slovenia (Ljubljana) :: Austria (Innsbruck, Vienna) :: Swizterland (Luzern, Bern)

Interrail Route 6 – United Kingdom

Suggested Route: France (Paris, Calais) :: England (Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Eden Project, Hull, London, Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon, Stonehenge, York, Windsor) :: Northern Ireland (Belfast, Giant’s Causeway) :: Scotland (Carlisle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Modan) :: Ireland (Cashel, Dublin, Kilkenny)

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