Interrail Passes

Interrail Passes

The Interrail Ticket (Interrail Pass) is the most important item in your InterRail, make sure you choose the pass that suits better to your trip.

Types of Interrail Global Passes

Interrail Global Pass Map

There are two types of Interrail Global Passes:

The Interrail Global Pass (Flexi) – valid for 5 or 10 travel days of your choice within 10 or 22 days respectively.
The Interrail Global Pass (Consecutive) – valid for either 15, 22 days or one month.

More Information about the Global Interrail Pass

Interrail One Country Rail Passses

One Country Pass Map

With the Interrail One Country Pass you can save some money if you just want to visit one or two countries. The ticket is an “Flexi” Interrail Ticket and has the duration of 3, 4, 6 or 8 within one month.

InterRail Passes