Interrail Books

Some visitors asked me which books i normally take in my Interrails. There are several “Interrail Books“, here are a few which you should take on your interrail travel.

Recommended InterRail Books

europe on a shoestring

Europe on a Shoestring

This is the Swiss Army Knife for interrailers, one of the best books you can take on your Interrail. It has information on almost every country in the interrail, you can check currencies , cities main attractions, festivals, hostels and more. There are also itineraries to help you plan your trip.
order Order Europe on a Shoe String

european rail timetable book summer 2011

European Rail Timetable Summer 2011

The second most important interrail book, it has the timetable of almost all trains in Europe! It is really helpfull since you can plan your trip route in advance.
order Order European Rail Timetable

Alternative Interrail Books

eastern europe

Eastern Europe

This book is a version of Europe on a Shoestring dedicated exclusively to Eastern Europe countries, it has more extensive information on hostels, attractions and festivals all over the Eastern Europe
order Order Eastern Europe

central europe travel

Central Europe

The Lonely Planet book about Central Europe is the best choice if you are going to travel only to central europe contries and need a smaller version of Europe on a Shoestring with more information on the Central Europe countries.
order Order Central Europe

lonely planet western europe

Western Europe

The Lonely Planet book about Western Europe 1180 pages about hostels, festivals and the best destinations in Western Europe.
order Order Western Europe

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