3 days in Rome Guide

TravellersDB 3 days in Rome Guide includes the most popular attractions in Rome. Keep in mind that Rome is very popular in the summer and there might be queues in some of the Rome attractions.

1st Day in Rome

  • Roman Coliseum

    Begin your first day in Rome with the Roman Coliseum, the biggest attraction in Rome.

  • Roman Forum

    Start your first day in Paris by visiting the Louvre, this can take half a day or longer if want you see the hole museum.

  • Trajan’s Market

    End your first day in Rome with the Trajan’s Market.

2nd Day in Rome

  • Vatican Museums

    Start your second day in Rome with the Vatican Museums and make sure you check out the Sistine Chappel. After head to St. Peter’s Square

  • St. Peter’s Basilica

    Here you can enter visit St. Peter’s Basilica for free (be carefull with the clothes you wear) and also visit the Cupola (Dome)

  • Sant’Angelo Castle

    Finish your day by visiting the San’t Angelo Castle, if you still have some time you can check the fountains nearby

3rd Day in Rome

  • Phanteon

    Begin your last day in Rome by visiting the Phanteon

  • Piazza di Spagna

    After visting Phanteon head to the Piazza di Spagna and climb all the way up.


  • Trevi Fountain

    End your last day by watching the Trevi Fountain and eating an ice cream in one of the shops.